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Factory direct sales of small cattle and sheep manure complete set of organic fertilizer equipment

Cow manure, sheep manure and other excrement, if not disposed of in time, will cause great pollution to the environment, especially to the surrounding air and soil, and bring troubles to the residents living around. In fact, animal manure is a very good organic fertilizer. Through organic fertilizer equipment, animal manure is processed into efficient organic fertilizer, which can increase profits while protecting the environment! Whether it is the production of powdered organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer, every process is indispensable, but due to the limitation of funds, traditional mode or automated mode can be adopted. But since it is an organic fertilizer production project, of course it cannot be the same as the traditional production method. It is also possible to use the traditional method if there are only one or two processes, but only for small production.
A complete set of sheep manure and chicken manure organic fertilizer production line includes: fertilizer turning machine, wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary drum dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, rotary Type coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine and conveyor for material transfer between each process.
Small cattle and sheep manure complete organic fertilizer equipment is an equipment system used to process cattle and sheep manure and convert it into organic fertilizer. This equipment usually includes links such as manure collection, decomposition, fermentation, composting and post-processing.
The size and function of small cattle and sheep manure complete organic fertilizer equipment can vary according to specific needs, and can be adapted to different scales of farms or livestock farms. The use of such equipment can help farmers or livestock ranchers convert cattle and sheep manure into organic fertilizers, thereby achieving the goals of organic and sustainable agriculture. At the same time, effective treatment and utilization of cattle and sheep manure can also help reduce environmental pollution and odor problems.

Post time: Jul-19-2023