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Features and advantages of large pig farm manure treatment fermentation tank type turner

The large-scale and intensive development of the livestock and poultry breeding industry has resulted in the accumulation of large amounts of feces, which not only affects the daily lives of surrounding residents, but also causes serious environmental pollution problems. The problem of how to deal with livestock and poultry feces needs to be solved urgently. The livestock and poultry feces themselves are high-quality organic The raw material of fertilizer contains a large amount of fiber, which provides sufficient nutrients for the survival of microorganisms and has the effect of improving the soil structure. However, the production of organic fertilizer from manure must undergo aerobic fermentation, which can remove the odor of livestock and poultry manure and make it Its unstable organic fertilizer gradually degrades into organic fertilizer.
Pig manure stack fermentation process. After solid-liquid separation of pig manure in the pig house, the manure residue, dry clean manure and bacterial strains are mixed. Generally, the moisture content of the manure residue after separation by the solid-liquid separator is 50% to 60%, and then the mixed materials are put into woven bags. In the greenhouse, it is discharged on the package rack of the greenhouse-type stacking fermentation room. An induced draft fan is used to remove the moisture in the greenhouse. By adjusting the temperature and humidity, the formation of organic fertilizer is accelerated. Generally, primary organic fertilizer is produced in 25 days.
The advantage of the trough-type compost turner is that it has sufficient turning power during operation and can turn the pile more thoroughly to avoid anaerobic fermentation caused by untimely turning of the pile. At the same time, it has excellent heating and insulation functions in the fermentation workshop. Disadvantages The investment cost is high and mechanical maintenance is difficult.
The advantages of stack fermentation include small investment, low operating costs and high compost quality. It is mainly used for the production of small and medium-sized commercial organic fertilizers and the harmless treatment of manure in pig farms. But the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space and has high labor costs.
Parameters of trough turning machine:
1. The power transmission device of the trough turning machine is composed of motor, reducer, sprocket, bearing seat, main shaft, etc. It is an important device that provides power for the turning drum.
2. The traveling device is composed of traveling motor, transmission gear, transmission shaft, traveling sprocket, etc.
3. The lifting device is composed of a hoist, a coupling, a transmission shaft, a bearing seat, etc.
4. Trough type turning machine – small turning machine device: This device is composed of sprockets, support arms, turning drums, etc.
5. The transfer vehicle is composed of a traveling motor, a transmission gear, a transmission shaft, a traveling wheel, etc. It provides a temporary carrier for the pile turner to change slots.
The importance of the trough turner comes from its role in compost production:
1. Stirring function in raw material conditioning. In fertilizer production, some auxiliary materials must be added in order to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, pH, moisture content, etc. of the raw materials. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials that are roughly stacked together in proportion can be mixed evenly by the turning machine to achieve the purpose of conditioning.
2. Adjust the temperature of the raw material pile. During the operation of the turning machine, the raw material pellets are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be contained in the pile, which helps the aerobic microorganisms to actively generate fermentation heat and increase the pile temperature; when the temperature is high, the addition of fresh air can Cool down the heap temperature. A state of alternating medium temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature is formed, and various beneficial microorganisms grow and reproduce rapidly in the temperature range to which they adapt.
3. Improve the permeability of the raw material pile. The pile turning system can process materials into small clumps, making the viscous and dense pile of raw materials fluffy and elastic, forming appropriate porosity.
4. Adjust the moisture content of the raw material pile. The suitable moisture content for raw material fermentation is around 55%, and the moisture content of finished organic fertilizer is below 20%. During fermentation, biochemical reactions will generate new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will also cause water to lose its carrier and become free. Therefore, water is reduced in time during the fertilizer making process. In addition to evaporation caused by heat conduction, the turning of raw materials by the turning machine will cause forced water vapor dissipation.
5. Realize the special requirements of the composting process. Such as crushing raw materials, giving raw material piles a certain shape or realizing quantitative displacement of raw materials, etc.
Therefore, the trough-type turning machine turning process and the stacking fermentation process are used to turn pig manure in pig farms into treasures to produce organic fertilizer, and certain benefits can be achieved. However, the actual situation must be considered in actual use. If there are any Depending on factors such as the price of organic fertilizers, labor costs, site restrictions, etc., choose a solution that suits your needs. In the harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure in pig farms, trough-type compost turners or litter fermentation beds are used to turn manure into treasure. Packet fermentation is only suitable for small-scale pig farms. In pollution control, with the increase in labor costs and the development of mechanization, trough turning has the opportunity to replace the fermentation process and achieve high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-operation development methods for organic fertilizer production.

Post time: Sep-14-2023